Healthy Practices

How can we ensure that our practices (infrastructure, equipment, procedures, staff, protocols, guidelines, etc) are healthy both for the professionals and for our patients?


  1. e-health: Current Situation, Implementation, Barriers and Perspectives according to European Commision Guidelines
    Aristofanis Paganas, Vasiliki Garmiri, Stamatina Kokkali
  2. Healthcare Quality Indicators in the context of the Primary health Care - Eva Adridson, Petros Pappas
  3. "Building a safer healthcare system for family doctors as patients"
    Maria Pilar Aster Pena and Colleagues

Healthy Professionals

How do we maintain our health status? How do we address our own health problems? Are we the proper health role models to our patients?


  1. Providing Medical Care at Home - A SWOT analysis based on 25 yearos of experience of the company "Nurse at Home" - Dimitrios Alepidis
  2. Teaching Quality to the Professionals - Zlata Ozvacic & Manolis Smyrnakis
  3. Healthy living style for health professionals - D. Rodriguez & Sofia Dimopoulou

Healthier Patients

How can we involve our patients in a healthier and more qualitative healthcare? Could this be, the answer to more improvement to their health status?


  1. Socia media: How doctors and patients use them - Urlik Bak Kirk, Lenia Chovarda
  2. Patient enablement through person-centered care - Jan Van Lieshout, Zoi Tsimtsiou
  3. Patient participation in Patient Safety - Isabelle Dupie & Athina Tatsioni